Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I wanted to explain more these 2 items. Both are exactly what they say!!! And obtaining both can be fairly easy. 

Red Brick Dust 
It is exactly what it says!! Obtain a red brick, the kind used to build houses and such. I usually find mine in new home construction sites. No, I don't steal them. I got for the refuse pile and grab bits and pieces from there.   Take them home and crush in what ever manner you chose to get the dust. As you can see above, some use a mortar and pestle. Or you can wrap the brick in a towel and crush it with a hammer.   

Graveyard Dirt 

    Despite what some think, Graveyard Dirt is exactly that....dirt obtained or purchased from a graveyard or several graveyards. It's been said ( as seen in the last post) that graveyard dirt is actually slang for certain herbs or herbal mixes. But that is not the truth!!! There are several different manners of collecting graveyard dirt and there are certain types. 

It is advised to pay for graveyard dirt. Some leave money, rum, whiskey, etc. (not a whole bottle, just pour a shot or 2 on the grave). The reason is so that you don't make the spirit of the grave angry for stealing. Basically, you are appeasing the spirit and asking for their help. It also helps to know the situation for which you are going to use the dirt so that you know what kind of graves to collect from. You wouldn't want to collect from a murderer if you are doing what would be considered good work!!! 

I have read that you can collect from several different graves in several different graveyards. But this is another "to each his own". I've personally collected it from one grave in a single graveyard. 

For more information on graveyard dirt and working with it, I HIGHLY recommend visiting Lucky Mojo here

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