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Brighid (pronounced BREED) is the Celtic Goddess of fire. She rules over many types of fire—the fire of the forge (as Goddess of smithcraft and metal working), the fire of the hearth (as Goddess of healing), and the fire of creativity (as Goddess of poetry). Brighid is seen as a triple Goddess, and she is associated with three different spheres—high (leaping flames, tall forts, wisdom), middle (hearth and home), and low (wells and sacred springs).
Brighid’s festival of Imbolc (pronounced IM-molk), celebrated on February 2, is the start of the agricultural year. This is the time when the Goddess in her aspect of Cailleach the Crone drinks from the Well of Youth and is transformed once again into the maiden, Brighid. Imbolc is also known as Candlemas or Saint Brigid’s Day, since Brighid was adopted by the Christians who came to the British Isles.
Variations on Brighid’s name, which means “exalted one,” include Brid, Bride, Brighde, Brigid, Brigindo, Brigandu, Brigan, Brigantia, and Brigantis, and she is also known as:
Breo Saighead (fiery arrow)
Brigit Búadach (victorious)
Brighid-nam-Bratta (Brighid of the Mantle)
Brighid-Muirghin-na-tuinne (conception of the waves)
Brighid-sluagh (of the immortal host)
Brighid-nan-sitheachseang (of the slim fairy folk)
Brighid-Binne-Bheule-lhuchd-nan-trusganan-uaine (song-sweet Brighid of the tribe of the green mantles)
Suibhal-bheann (mountain traveler)
Cú-gorm (grey hound)
Sireadh-thall (seek beyond)
Brighid of the Harp
Brighid of the Sorrowful
Brighid of Prophecy
Brighid of Pure Love
St. Bride of the Isles
Bride of Joy

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