Thursday, March 10, 2011

Celebrating Ostara: Ostara Activities


Celebrating the changing of the seasons and the Pagan sabbats is sometimes considered to be something that must be done with elaborate rituals and feasts.  The modern domestic witch, however, knows that not only should we celebrate the whole season (not just one day), but we can work the celebration into our daily lives through appropriate activities.

Here are a list of ideas for celebrating spring, whether on Ostara or on another day:
  • Spring clean your house physically, then magically
  • Color eggs.  Blow out a few raw eggs, color them and fill them with finely ground herbs corresponding to a magical intent
  • Research egg magic
  • Get outside with kids or friends and play old fashioned games like red rover and tag
  • Start clearing out space in your yard for a garden, or getting your garden beds ready to plant
  • Practice oomancy
  • Perform a spell or ritual focused on healing the earth
  • Go out for a walk and look for signs of spring: robins, nests being built, flowers buds, bulbs shoots, plants starting to green
  • Buy a new broom for magical or mundane cleaning
  • Do meditations focused on new beginnings or growth
  • Practice weather magic
  • Make paper flowers and use them to decorate your home or altar
  • Take your broom outside and use the handle to thump the earth to "wake it up"
  • Have an egg hunt
  • Learn about the migration of butterflies or the plight of the honey bee. Vow to take steps to help them on their way
  • Have a seed blessing ritual
  • Start seeds indoors or out
  • On the morning of Ostara, plan to have a bonfire or light candles as a way of greeting the return of light and the sun.
  • Eat eggs for breakfast on Ostara morning and bury the rinsed shells in your garden to promote prosperity and abundance of your crops
  • Try to incorporate at least one traditional correspondence into you daily life through the spring season: cook with seasonal foods, use traditionally colored cloth napkins,  display a vase of wildflowers on your table,  burn traditionally scented incense, etc.

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