Friday, June 12, 2009

Last night I worked on putting back together my BOS and my spellbook. It's been over a year now that I've even touched them. I had originally taken my BOS apart because of a crappy hubby needed the clear sheet protectors that I was using for his paperwork when he was in the police academy. We couldn't find them anywhere cheap and at the time, we really couldn't afford to pay $3 for 10 sheet protectors. Now, I can get them at the Dollar Tree!! But now he no longer needs them, so I was able to put everything back together again. I have a black 3" binder with all my information in. It's all either posters or printed out information for the net. And when I say posters, I mean 8x10 pages like this:

And my spellbook is actually a piece I've been working on for 5 years now....well 5 years ago, when I was really active on MysticWicks, I was part of a spellbook round robin. I paid alot of money to someone and she made me a wooden book. We were given partners and we made spell sheets for each other. The whole thing never officially finished 100%, but I have about 20 pages from other people plus some of my own to add.
But's all back together!! And I feel whole again!!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

      I won this tonight on Ebay!! Papa Samedi in Lego style!! He will be the center of my new altar when he comes home to me!!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Cemetery Work--Part 3

The Home Cemetery

It’s not always convenient or possible to plan a trip out to a cemetery for each working you wish to do. However, if you are in that situation but still try to do frequent work with the cemetery, then why not just bring the cemetery home? With respect to what I said above concerning random dead spirits being unwelcome around you, much less in your home, there is a safe and effective way of having your own private cemetery.

First, you need a container for your cemetery. You can find and purchase a black, wooden box in the shape of a small coffin or one with skulls, skeletons, or death symbols on it, which has a hinged lid and a clasp, ideally one which can lock. There are also unfinished wooden boxes with hinged lids and clasps in various sizes and shapes in craft and hobby stores, and locking clasps can easily be attached. If you’re handy with a saw and hammer, you can make your own, the best (and cheapest) wood being pine (as in old pine coffins). Just remember to seal the inside cracks so no dirt can fall through (silicone, wax, or even tape works). If you buy an unfinished box or make your own, paint it black inside and out, and paint death symbols on the outside of it or just leave it black. I suggest the size of the container be no less than six inches in length, width, and depth, and no more than a foot or a foot and a half in the dimensions. You’re going to be working spells and burying poppets in there, so account for that in your selection or creation of the box.

Next, you need enough cemetery dirt to fill the box at least halfway. It’s difficult to acquire that much dirt without leaving a hole in the ground of the cemetery, and thus evidence of your presence, so it’s advised to collect dirt from nine different cemeteries, as nine is the number of the dead in many magickal/spiritual systems. This takes time, planning, and effort, as the entire ritual process of collecting grave dirt needs to be repeated for all nine cemetery trips. People in remote areas may have to travel a bit to reach those last few cemeteries. Most of the dirt can come from the cemetery grounds, but be sure to get some dirt from at least one grave in order to capture that “portal to the Underworld” property. If you wish for smooth dirt, then use a sifter to get out the grass and stones that may come with the dirt, but dispose of them outside of your home and property (a crossroads works well).

Once you have your container and your dirt, it’s time to dedicate it exclusively for your magickal work with the cemetery and the Deities/powers associated therein. This is where it gets personal, so so decide how this is to be done.

Once your home cemetery is complete, keep it in a safe, dark place. Do not expose it to sunlight, and don’t let others see it or handle it except to explain how the other person can make his/her own (student/teacher situation). Keep a bottle of Florida Water, salt water, or strong drink like Vodka  next to it to wash your hands with after using it.

There are many uses for this home cemetery. Poppets can be buried in there either permanently or temporarily before being ritually disposed of or taken to be buried in an actual cemetery. Spells of all kinds can be placed inside. The dirt can be used for any working that calls for grave dirt. The container can be placed under one’s altar during rituals honoring Death. It can be a central piece to one’s cemetery/Death Deity shrine, or if large enough the actual foundation for the shrine.