Monday, August 9, 2010

Neutralization aka Hand Over Mouth

Here is the last update from "The Inner Temple" that I will share. Short, but sweet and to the point. 

Telling ourselves that we must take responsibility for our actions is one thing, but doing so on a daily basis is quite another, particularly if we were not raised in an environment that encouraged such behavior. We all carry around little programs that influence us, the instructions based on our learned behaviors. One way of combating these programs is through use of our affirmations. Another way is to actively depregram and reprogram ourselves through neutralization. 

We can never take back anything we say. The only was we can stop the damage of our words, metaphysically anyways, is to neutralize all harmful words, intentions and energy. Neutralization is a mental process whereby we consciously send a thought out to ground and cleanse our previous actions. It is as easy as saying "I neutralize that" or image and X over any image you hold in your mind. The next time you say something you regret, right way, either out loud or to yourself, say "I neutralize that." If you image something unwanted, visualize a white X over the image or a stamps that says "cancel". If you do this every time, you will reporgram yourself to let go of and heal those negative patterns.

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