Monday, August 2, 2010


I saw this movie this past weekend. I remember when it was being released wanting to see it because of HIM. Then I got over HIM. Yes I mean Robert Pattinson! ~lol~ 

But really...even if you don't like him, but you kinda sorta maybe like romantic chick flicks, see this. It is a that....romantic, drama, chick flick. It has 2 past vampires in it! Pattinson...if you don't know him, then what rock have you been living under? And Lena Olin, who plays his mom in the movie. She played Maharet in Queen of the Damned. Anyways, the movie is kind of slow...I won't lie. And his friend...Aidan..I could swear he was related to Hal Sparks. Turns out, he's not but damn he must have studied him hard for this role!! I can't tell you much about the movie without giving it away. But there is a plot twist at the end that made me say "Are you fucking kidding me?" My husband said it was M. Night Shyamalanish. Watch it! 

Please, if you've seen the movie, do not give away anything in your comments!! Not everyone reading this has seen it!!

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