Thursday, March 22, 2012

How to Perform Goddess Kali Puja at Home

Puja is essentially a form of spiritual worship. In Hindu, it's customary to worship the deity (or deities) that you feel best influences your life. By engaging in an act of reverence towards a specific god, spirit or other divine entity through a ritual of song or prayer, you can make a spiritual connection with the god or goddess of your worship. The Goddess Kali is the liberator of souls. Performing Puja in her honor will release you from the self-limiting beliefs of the ego.

Things You'll Need

  • Image of Goddess Kali
  • Tray
  • Sathya Sai Baba incense
  • Small bell or gong
  • Small dish of water
  • Rose
  • Oil (for anointing)
  • Small candle
  • Written prayer
  • Cushion


    • 1
      Place an image of Kali in an area that allows you to sit comfortably while facing the image.
    • 2
      Incense is used to invoke spriitual energy, cleanse a place of worship, enhance meditation and heal the body.
      Carefully arrange your chosen items upon the tray. Light the incense and the candle. Hold the tray with both hands as you sit, focusing your attention on Kali. Sound your bell or gong.
    • 3
      Focus on clearing the energy of chakras, beginning with the root chakra at the base of your spine. The root chakra is associated with the physical body. Imagine an illuminated red-colored ball radiating from this energy source. Focus on cleansing each chakra for at least a minute -- if not longer.
    • 4
      Move your energy upward, to the sacral chakra located in the area of the lower abdomen. This chakra is an intense color of orange and relates to emotions and desires. Hold the image of a swirling orange ball of energy in this area to thoroughly cleanse this chakra.
    • 5
      While cleansing the chakras it's best to imagine all the varied colors as radiant as the sun.
      Lift the energy upward again to the area around your stomach and envision a bright yellow light like the sun. Cleansing the solar plexus ensures well being in all areas regarding personal power and self-control.
    • 6
      Allow the swirling light to rest momentarily at the heart chakra at the center of your chest. Cleansing this chakra with a lively green light will help to establish more balance in your life while promoting personal growth, meaningful relationships and healing.
    • 7
      Regularly wearing turquoise will aid in the cleansing of the throat chakra.
      Transform the light from green to turquoise as you move the energy up to your throat. Healing this area promotes communication, creative expression and trust.
    • 8
      Move the energy to the center of your eyebrows and visualize a deep indigo color. This area represents your intuition, self-realization, fearlessness and imagination. Sit with the indigo energy momentarily before moving on to the final chakra.
    • 9
      Imagine a lively violet light at the very tip of your head. Allow the color to swirl and cleanse this area of wisdom, knowingness, inspiration and awareness. This is the center of spirituality. Cleansing this chakra, along with the previous ones, will enhance your spiritual connection with the divine energy of Kali.
    • 10
      Dip your finger into the oil and anoint the spot between your eyebrows. Meditate for a moment on Kali -- or read the prayer you've placed in her honor (aloud or not). Imagine her healing energy elevating you to a place of great spiritual consciousness, where the voices of the ego no longer speak to you. Feel the ego dissolve in the presence of Kali's higher power.
    • 11
      Gently swing the tray from right to left (side to side) three times. And place it on the floor before Kali.
    • 12
      Dip the rose into the water and flick the droplets around you, in the area surrounding your personal space.
    • 13
      A gong enhances the practice of meditation.
      Sound the gong, or bell when you feel your puja is complete. This will dispense any negative energies that might still be infiltrating your space while finalizing the intentions of the puja.

Tips & Warnings

  • A puja in your home can be done privately, or with a group. In a group setting, each person will have their own tray to perform puja -- but all will be directed towards a solitary image or figure of Kali. The bell, or gong can sounded between chakra points to further enhance the cleansing. Sound is not only used for cleansing a sacred space; it's often used in mediation to maintain focus. 

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