Saturday, January 2, 2010

Shedding in Room #4

It hasn't quite begun yet. But I wanted to start this to be able to show what I'm up against here!!! The 3rd room I'm working on is my sewing/crafting room. I have a HUGE old dining room table that I use. And as you can see, it collects a lot of stuff. The dishes you see are from the kitchen shedding we did Christmas night. My sister wants some of them and the rest are going to Goodwill. I will be packing them up in my car later today hopefully.

Speaking of Goodwill...I went with my 8 bags of donations today and dropped them off. Then I decided to head to another thrift store in town. I was hoping to be able to find a smaller table to replace the huge table I'm using now. I didn't think I would find one, but WOW..I did!! I know I know, I'm shedding and should be getting rid of stuff, not adding to it!!! But this smaller table will serve several purposes. #1 More room in my sewing room!! #2 smaller table = less area to hold excess junk! and #3 I can now get rid of the larger table and the 6 extra chairs with it that I don't need or use!! The table did come with a small stool that I will be recovering. I went to Wal-Mart last night looking for a similar stool for my 3 yr old. I'm trying to potty train him and need something for him to stand on!!

I am posting pictures below of the room in it's current state. Later today, I will start working to get things cleared out. Once I get it all done, I will post new pictures!!!



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