Sunday, January 17, 2010

Honey Jar working!

I started this jar this past Thursday. It is for my husband and I. I added sugar to the bottom of the jar. Then had him help me add various herbs for love and protection. There's also 2 cowrie shells in there to represent each of us. I also had him write our names on a paper and fold it towards him then place it in the jar. Before I added the honey, we both put some of our hair in it!

I've kept candles lit on it everyday except yesterday. The jar didn't call out to me to light one. But this morning it did. And lucky me, all the candles I've been using have evaporated, so no candle wax down the jar :( What you see is where I melted the candle down a little so it would have something to stick to.

I'm already seeing work with this jar. We've both been sweeter to each other the past few days. I will continue to light candles as long as the jar calls out for them.

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