Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ok so I promised a couple move reviews. So here we go... 

This was my first DVD through Netflix. I saw an ad for it in Rue Morgue a few issues ago. This was an awesome movie!! It's funny more than scary. Not even scary, unless you're my 4 yr old son watching it with me!! Monaghan plays a grave robber telling his story hours before his death. It takes place back in the day, 1800s. I can't say too much because it'll give it away. But if you have the time, watch this one. It's funny as hell!! This one, I really didn't care to see. All those old ass actors and such. And I'm not really into the action type movies. But this one blew me away. The action was great and some of the fight scenes were awesome!! Although there are some highly known actors billed here, a couple only had small cameos. The main actors were Stallone and  Statham. This one is another surprise. Surprise because of some of the things that were shown in it for a Disney movie. All the death. Not that I'm complaining!! It just shocked me for a Disney movie!! It pretty much stayed with the game as far as Dastan is concerned. All the tricks and slides he does in the game were done in the movie for the most part. It was pretty good too.

And let's not forget the eye candy:

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